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Winter maintenance of small excavator

  • Tiempo de actualización: 2020-01-10

1、 If the hydraulic device is preheated and the temperature of hydraulic oil is low, the hydraulic device will be damaged if it is operated rapidly.

1. The engine of small excavator runs at medium speed, operates the bucket and preheats;

2. Jack up the machine and rotate the track, respectively preheat the left and right traveling motors;

3. Then, raise the engine speed to high, and make the bucket and stick work continuously for 5 minutes;

At the same time, pay full attention to the safety of the surrounding environment during preheating operation. When the temperature is low, people's response will be relatively slow, so it is necessary to prevent people and objects around from being touched during preheating.

2、 Warm up the engine of small excavator. Start the engine and run it at low speed for 5 minutes. At the same time, the following checks shall be carried out during engine preheating of small excavator:

1. Whether the engine oil warning light is off;

2. Whether there is oil leakage or water leakage;

3. Whether the engine sound and exhaust color are normal;

4. Whether the charging indicator is off;

5. Check whether all parts of the machine are abnormal.

3、 If small excavators are not used in winter, they should be kept and maintained properly. Only when it is used again can it work. The specific maintenance measures are as follows:

1. Clean the soil on the surface of small excavator and check whether there are loose fasteners.

2. Check whether the antifreeze level and oil level are normal, check whether the oil quality is normal, and check the antifreeze level of fuel.

3. If the weather is particularly cold and the small excavator has a long shutdown time, please drain the engine coolant. At the same time, to prevent the battery from feeding, the battery must be removed and stored in a warm place.

4. The diesel oil shall be replaced with - 10 to - 30 models, which depends on the region where it is located. The more north the region is, the more diesel oil of - number will be added. In addition, the diesel filter shall be replaced. The engine oil shall be replaced with local applicable thickened engine oil, and the engine oil filter shall also be replaced. The hydraulic system shall be replaced in time if there is oil leakage. The tank shall be well insulated if conditions permit.

5. The heat dissipation system should carefully check whether the rubber tube is aged and broken. If there is any problem, it should be replaced in time because these places are more likely to have problems in winter. If it is possible to provide hot water, the water tank can heat the water every day so as to better start the engine, but it must be noted that do not forget to drain the water. The reason why adding antifreeze is not recommended is that adding antifreeze in particularly cold areas is more difficult to start the engine.

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